Wednesday, November 7, 2012

So Thankful...#7

Today at MOPS we talked about girlfriends and the qualities we look for in a friend. So today I am thankful for my "mommy group" at MOPS and all of my new friends I have made through it and how it encourages me as a Godly Momma and ALL of my AMAZING girlfriends everywhere. 
Near and Far. Old and New. 
God has blessed me so richly.  
fyi-I need to take some more pictures of me and my friends. Can't even find one of Bethany, Natalie, or my M2M group.  :(  I guess it's because it's all about our kiddos these days.


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Jessie said...

that first one is a blast from the past!! Love it! I'm thoroughly enjoying your thankful posts :)