Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another Good Year for Summer Slam!

Cove Party! Good times hanging out with neighbors, except for Madison breaking her arm. :( She is a tough cookie.
Day 176: 6/25

Brant giving Great Nickpop a "five!" We went to eat at one of me and Andrew's favorite...Firebirds!
Day 175: 6/24

Last night of Summer Slam! This is the kids' favorite. Messy night.
Day 174: 6/23

The Youth Ministers' Kids Hangin' Out at Summer Slam!
Day 173: 6/22

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

1st Zoo & Father's Day

First Trip to the Zoo!
Day 172:6/21

Brant and Russell were really wanting their parents to get them some dip n dots!

Pool Time...
Day 171: 6/20

First Father's Day...
Day 170:6/19
The beautiful art that Brant made for his daddy! Melt my HEART! Something for Andrew to really treasure in about 16 years!

Sunday was also Brant's first day in the nursery at church. He did great, better than me. I loved his little name tag. Made him seem like such a big boy!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Brant & Daddy

Daddy and Brant Photo Shoot sneak-peak!!
Day 169: 6/18

Play date with Brant's new friend Mr. Luke. We had Father's day craft time.
Day 168: 6/17

Thursday, June 16, 2011

5 month old boy!

(Excuse this post.)Major inside joke! I am only putting this on my blog for me to remember how crazy in love I am with Brant's Daddy!
Day 167: 6/16
I love looking in the back seat mirror and seeing my lil monkey cuddling his blankey! :) He is so happy listening to his music. Baby signing time is his ultimate favorite!
Day 166: 6/15
I am a big 5 month old today and partyin' with Daddy while Mommy is at Kristin Thorton's bible study titled "The 2 things your child can't get through life without."
Day 165: 6/14

Monday, June 13, 2011

Rolling around

Day 164: 6/13
We enjoyed Daddy's day off with a walk in the park at Buckhead. It's so nice and it's right down the road. There are different signs of great scriptures along the nature trail. Brant loves being outside.
Day 163: 6/12
Brant has really started the rolling around thing. I lay him down in one spot of the room, leave and come back 10 minutes later and I can't find him. Literally. Today, I found him half-way under our bed just hanging out! This kid cracks me up!! It's like once he figured it out, laying in one spot is all over!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Life 365: Living Each One Out...June 2 -11

Day 153: Brant is a member of the Shelby County Books from Birth. He receives one free book every month. I know wonderful, right? ! This is his first one. The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper. Day 154: Brant has started sleeping in his crib upstairs at nap time and at night. Yes. I said at night, too. I finally did it. It was time. However, we do sleep upstairs in the guest bedroom. In the room next to his. It still counts. Totally. Our little baby is growing up.
Anyway, Puppy Dog will totally keep him company. :) This is how we found him this morning.
All I have to say is - Prrrrrrrecious.
Day 155: Today we had a picnic with my new Mommy Group. Andrew dressed Brant while he was napping. He was soooo tired, that he never even woke up. That used to happen a lot when he was first born, but not so much anymore. ha! I love how he has his hand stuck under his overalls in this picture. It reminds me of an old farmer! ha ha! Something my Pa did ALL the time!
Day 156: Brant's Baby Dedication at New Hope Christian Church, Bartlett, TN. We love our Church home and are so thankful that we get to raise Brant there. It's a bonus that Andrew gets to serve as the Middle School Minister there, too! There were soooo many babies dedicated with Brant that were born in the last year. We hope he gets to know them all very well and their sweet parents.
We wish we could make time stand still....we are already noticing how fast time flies by. We love our baby boy so much.
Dear God,
As Brant's parents, we commit ourselves completely to you. Give us wisdom to guide him through life on this earth to love you and to love others. Please give us the ability to equip him to be a man of integrity and stand up for your truth! Please help us to show him what a real and personal relationship with you looks like every minute of every day. We give you all the glory for such a wonderful son! Help us most of all to be like you as he will be looking at us.

Day 157: Gigi and Daddy put together Brant's exersaucer that Grandma Ellie and Grandpa Ron got him for his baby shower. He is getting really good at playing with it.
Day 158: We love waking up and hanging out with Gigi ALL day long!!
Day 159: Mr. Big stuff is now rolling from his back to his belly like a Big Shot! We can't believe how fast he is growing and doing so much now. We praise God for such a healthy strong beautiful boy! I think Brant kind of looks like my cousin Cody in this picture when he was a baby. Never saw it before, but I do in this picture. However, my mom couldn't believe how much Brant looked like my middle brother Logan the whole week this time. :)
Day 160: It has been sooooo hott here this week. Scorching. So mom thought Brant was thirsty, so we gave hm his first refreshing drink of water. At first we thought he liked it, then he gave us a nasty face that said.....this is NOT my milk!
Day 161: We are so sad that Gigi has to go back to Indiana. We had such a lovely week with her.
Day 162: Brant is fascinated with looking at himself in the mirror! It makes him extremely excited! If he is fussing and we show him his own reflection, he immediately starts screaming!! It's so entertaining!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My latest food kick...

Spinach Salad, Fresh Strawberries, Candied Pecans, Grilled Chicken Strips and Ranch dressing.
2nd night in a row! Perfect for summer.
Day 152