Wednesday, May 7, 2014

This is for us

The conversation in my head goes like this... "It's been fooooooreeever since you've updated the blog. You have missed so many milestones. Just give it up and move on. Epic Fail. You aren't a blogger."
 It is what it is.
I am not a blogger, I am going to do this for the sake of pictures and documenting for my family.
So this is for us.
I would love to know how people keep their camera and phone pictures straight. Jeebers! I hate leaving so many out but this is a quick fast forward.
Andrew's turkey Spring 2013
Summer 2013-Brant absolutely fell in love with swimming when he was 2.

 Family Vacation Destin, FL May 2013

Summer 2013- Waiting on Sugar Boogar
August 23, 2013 We met our sweet Brecklyn Jylane
Brant is such a sweet big brother.
September 2013 - Our family of 4

Halloween 2013

Christmas 2013

January 13, 2014 Brant's 3rd Birthday
Easter 2014
Family Vacation Destin, FL  May 2014

Daddy's Girl

Mamma's Boy

Hoping to be much better at this....
Starting now.