Saturday, February 21, 2009

I just had to take a picture...

Can you believe that I'm special enough to have my own parking spot???

Nahhhh....You're right. Andrew and I found this at a church in Memphis next to a Mexican restaurant that we eat at. Maybe one day.... ha ha

Can you tell that I just LOVE polka dots???
It was time to take down my Valentine Decor and replace it with spring and Easter stuff. So I decided to make some Easter Eggs that would match our living room. They match the pillows on our couch perfectly! This is what I came up with...
Does anyone else have any cute Easter or Spring Decoration ideas???

One more thing - This is what my good friend, Beth made me for my birthday! It will look perfect hanging on my desk in my classroom. Thanks, Beth!! Love ya! Now if I can just get her to teach me how to make them.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lanie Marie is 2 Today!

My one and only niece is growing up so fast. She turned two today. She was born 8 days before my 23rd birthday. Andrew and I were living in Knoxville at the time and Libby had asked me to be in the delivery room on the big day. All I remember is nothing else mattered....getting home to be there when she was born was top priority. Libby went in early on a Saturday morning and was induced and Lanie was born early that afternoon and I was able to be there. Thankfully. It was a blessing. This little girl means the world to me and you can tell by the pictures she is ADORABLE! I treasure every minute I get to spend with her. I love you and Miss you Lanie! Happy Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl. Thank you Lord for such a wonderful niece.

Visit from the Parentals...

This weekend my parents came to visit. Andrew and I really enjoyed their company. Thanks Mom and Dad for a great weekend. We love you.

Beale Street

My Mom signed the wall down at Graceland. This is what she wrote. Isn't that sweet?? It was Valentine's Day.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Spending My "Blow Money"...

I thought I would catch up on my blogging by showing some pictures of how I have been spending my "blow money." Now a definition of "blow money" for those of you who aren't Dave Ramsey followers. It is the amount you allocate in your budget for blowing money on whatever you like. No questions asked!! We started the Dave Ramsey program with our church 3 weeks ago and I have found that when resources are tend to get creative! I actually tackled two things with these projects #1. cheap decorations and #2. cheap entertainment for myself for one evening!!! Let me add that my husband and I are not one another's worst nightmare with our budget. To be quite honest, it is actually a lot of fun doing a budget together and saving money for the future is also exciting!! Who knew???? Not spending money could be fun???? ha ha

So my creative side came out in the late evening yesterday...
First, I have found a way to not waste all of my Christmas Cards that we receive from family and friends. I made a recycled Christmas Card wreath. It will be interesting to see where I find a place to display it next year. It is neat because there are things on it that say the year on it. So I wonder...??? Will I continue this tradition in the years to come??? We'll have to see.

Second, my personal favorite- a rose petal wreath for Valentine's Day. I would love to put it on my front door. I just love RED and Valentine's Day! I made it from a styrofoam wreath, lots of rose petals, straight pins, and a hot glue gun. Very easy and DO-ABLE! If I can do it...anyone can!

EXCITING NEWS...just got the text to say that BABY BOY BAKER has arrived. 7 lbs. 9 oz. You can see a picture with me and his mommy from an earlier post! She has been a best friend since childhood. They are still waiting on a name to go with that sweet face. Getting ready to head to some friends to watch the big Superbowl Game! I will be cheering for the underdog and eating all the good food.
I am taking sausage and cheese. Sound weird to you Hoosiers?
I know, but it's a MEMPHIS staple!! Pretty stinkin' good too.