Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No Work + Family and Friends = Good Times trip home for a fraction of my Spring Break was wonderful. I got to see so many special people in my life and do so many things! Let's see...Friday night Libby threw a bday party for me, Mom, Dad, Tyson, Logan, and Declan. Thanks, Libby. All of my Cummings Family was there! Saturday was so nice because we got to soak up being with my brother Tyson and his family before they left. Sunday was my Mom's Birthday and then I got to go to my cousin's bridal shower. Monday I read to Kayden's class and my mom took the day off to hang out with me and Andrew. Monday...during all of the excitement Lanie bumped her head pretty badly, but thankfully God answered our prayers and she never missed a beat. When I told her Jesus made her head feel better she just giggled and gave me a big hug!!! Tuesday I read to Brycen's class at school and got to catch up with my amazing girlfriends and their new bundles of joy. Tuesday night I went to see my Cousin Cody play Jesus in the Promise. He did such a wonderful job and gave God all of the glory!! Wednesday I had to say good-bye to my sweeties. It is always so hard. I wonder if it will ever get easier? I just can't ever get enough! Thanks ya'll for a great time! Love you.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's official...

I'm boycotting the next season of the Bachelor. Sorry, Jillian I really do like you, but I just can't take it. After the final rose ceremony this Monday night....I was so mad at myself! What a let-down.
A fellow blogger friend asked my opinion over the dramatic ending. So those of you who are lost from the beginning of my post might want to just "tune-out" on this one.
I think I remember my comments being "He is a good, sweet, and charming guy" after the first show this season. However, after Jason chose Melissa OVER, I repeat OVER Molly...he decides ooopps I changed my mind I want Molly instead of Melissa...I changed my comments to sweet on the outside...but just ruthless on the inside. I know all about changing your mind...I understand that. Just don't humiliate the poor girl and break her heart on National Television. Atleast, Break up with her on Facebook. ha ha ha He got Melissa's hopes and dreams up and made her think it was going to be a fairy tale ending and just SQUASHED it like a bug. Like Melissa said, it would have been better to just have sent her home. He didn't even TRY to work things out with her. He just GAVE UP! I thought she handled it very nicely!!

So now it's off to Jillian for the next Bachelorette. I think I'll have to pick up a new hobby for myself because I wasted too many Monday nights!!! Uhhhhh!! I just can't do it. And if I's all made up to make the show's ratings go up one more's going to get dangerous. I'm pathetic. In my little poor was all real!! Are there any other Bachelor Fans out there going to boycott this season???