Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My hand is sore!

I had to put the paintbrush down to share our progress with you. We have been able to get a lot done over my Fall Break. We still have a long ways to go, but it is starting to feel more like "our home." We are so thankful for the home God has blessed us with. Can't wait for our parents to come this weekend to help with the progress. I had no idea what involved buying a foreclosure that needed a lot of work! People that build a house from the ground-up AMAZE me!! So here are a few before pictures along with "where we are now" pictures! You be the judge of our PROGRESS!! Can't wait to post the "Final" product. Andrew is taking me for sushi at lunch to reward me for all my hard work! LOL Enjoy...

To be continued for the 3 upstairs bedrooms and bathroom, Master Bath, and the Final Reveal! I hate posting the pictures before the rooms are completely done, but friends were begging for pictures and I couldn't dissapoint them. :)

Still can't believe I will have my own LAUNDRY ROOM! I have been doing laundry in the kitchen for three years.

My favorite color splash...Plum Dining Room!

The Great Room- This isn't even truly the before picture. Imagine lots and lots of holes in the wall and nasty stained carpet.

Master Bedroom- Prepare yourself for my over the top-painted ceiling. It's going to be so breath-taking.

Kitchen- still need a stove and dish-washer. Got a great deal on a fridge. (ask me about it.)

We are laying the hardwood and tile this coming week! YEAH! Can't wait.