Thursday, February 24, 2011


My friend Kelly did this Alphabet Survey and I decided it would be fun. I hope some of you will do it also!

A. Age: 26 today....27 tomorrow! :)

B. Bed size: King- the only way to go!

C. Chore you hate: floors!! Mopping the tile or cleaning hardwood! IT is impossible!

D. Dogs: Bo, Val, Tilly, Lace, Annie (Don't have any right now, but I want one.)

E. Essential start to your day: A kiss from my hubby!

F. Favorite color: purple

G. Gold or silver: silver

H. Height: 5’5

I. Instruments you play: I played the piano in elementary school and drums in college. Not great at either, but I can play.

J. Job title: 1st grade teacher

K. Kids: Brant Nichols Raymond 6 weeks tomorrow

L. Live: Arlington, TN

M. Mom’s name: Mikki Jo Graber

N. Nicknames: All my friends call me Tash, Andrew calls me T-money occasionally, Shannon Strieter has always called me T, Pa called me "Windy", My mom calls me Tajmahal

O. Overnight hospital stays: 4 nights when I had Brant I was always terrified of hospitals, but my experience at Germantown Methodist was great because I had the BEST nurses and doctors.

P. Pet peeve: People who always talk and never listen and when people breathe really really hard

Q. Quote from a movie: "I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her."

R. Right or left handed: Right

S. Siblings: 2 Older Brothers Tyson-33 and Logan-31 today...and 32 tomorrow (yep, we are birthday twins)

T. Time you wake up: In the last 6 weeks...whenever Brant Raymond wakes up!! ;)

U. Underwear: no....I call them panties. Boys wear underwear.

V. Vegetables you dislike: Peas, I hate green peas!

W. What makes you run late: the past 6 weeks - Brant Raymond :) and Bad Hair Days

X. X-Rays you’ve had: wrist, hips, kidneys, and teeth

Y. Yummy food you make: cinnamon pecans, asparagus, chicken and corn casserole, taco soup, tilapia

Z. Zoo- favorite animal: monkeys and penguins

Day 54: 2/23
Our good friends "The Easons" came over last night and brought us the "yummy in my tummy" Lenny's. It hit the spot! It's funny because that's what we took them when their little girl was born. Myers was so sweet with Brant. She would say "Baby" and "Br--t" and love on him so gently. It was so precious. (I had trouble editing the picture, I wish it would have turned out better. ) I secretly wish for a super stellar fancy camera. :) :)

Day 53: 2/22
I have went from being a reality TV show junkie to nothing but sitcoms! I have one that I gotta gotta watch almost every night. Parenthood is my Tuesday night show and it is so good. I love the dynamics of a FAMILY and this one demonstrates it perfectly. All aspects. I am hooked. Good thing at this stage of my life I do a lot of sitting. :) Thanks to Mr. B!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 52: 2/21
My "MUST HAVES" from Sam's Club. Veggie Straws and Croissants. Yummy! Staples in this household. We may not have milk or eggs, but more than likely we have these two!
Day 51: 2/20
Brant's first time to church! He was dressed like a true stud muffin! :)

Day 50: 2/19
Today Brant and Cooper got to hang out. It was a lot of fun to compare the boys! Cooper is 16 weeks old. His mommy and I work together and had fun being preggers at the same time! :)

We also took Brant to his first movie at the theater! (thanks to Courtney and Chelsa's advice) He was a champ, slept the whole time. Andrew and I really enjoyed it. It was an awesome movie. Going down as one of my all time favorites for sure!

Day 49: 2/18
This is one of Andrew's turkeys that Josh Lengacher mounted for him. Josh entered it into a contest in Nashville this weekend and Andrew just had to make a trip to see it. Josh got a "Best of Category" for it!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Favorite Little Girl

Happy 4th Birthday to my sweet Lanie Girl! We love you.... and MISS YOU so much!
Aunt Tasha, Uncle Andrew, and Brant
Here are a couple of my special niece. I can't believe I had the blessing of seeing this little girl be born 4 years ago. She is an amazing little Chic! I talked to her today and she is enjoying a pedi and mani, getting her hair braided, Chinese food and hanging out with her Mommy! I wish I was getting to hang out with her too. :(

This shirt says...."Good Looks Run in the Family." I got it for her when she was just a few months old. LOL!

As you can tell......She brings much joy to my life! :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

All by myself!

I feel like such a big girl. For the first time today, I left Brant with his Daddy while I went to the Mall and Target for an hour. It was wonderful! :) It didn't last long enough.
Anyway, while I was out I get a picture text from Andrew that says "Me and Daddy just worked out and I am pooped." I thought to myself....I wander which one is more pooped - Andrew or Brant?? LOL Because it's hard work!!

"Ain't nobody gonna take my pride. Ain't nobody gonna hold me down. .... I got to keep on MOVIN' !" I've always been a P.Diddy fan.
Believe it or not, this Momma got knocked down again.
Being sick is no fun. Being sick as a mommy- GIVE ME A BREAK!
It was awful, I prayed so hard that my newborn baby boy would be protected from this junk.
Praise God he never got it. :) So thankfully, I'm movin' again and I have lots of pictures in days to update. Since last time.... we visited Family and Friends in Indiana, and Brant is 1 month! Time is flying by.

Some friends sent this Jungle Gym in the mail and he laid under it for the first time and absolutely loved it. I thought it might be a little too early for it, but I am so glad we put it together because he just kicks, waves his arms and smiles at it. He is growing up! :)

Happy 10th Valentine's Day with my Big BABY! :)
Happy 1 Month to my Bitty Baby! :)
It was so sweet they both got me a rose. Andrew's was red and Brant's was pink and so tiny.
Andrew introduced Brant to his Middle School Students at Sunday night Church. He loved showing him off! He even got a little teary eyed. It was so sweet.

It was gorgeous here today and I finally had enough energy to get out and WALK! :) I think it was 68 degrees.
Miss Greta sent Brant this adorable tie onesie that she made for him. He looks like a stud in it! :) Thanks Greta!
Gigi got Brant this adorable outfit. Of course, I love it.
This is Andrew's favorite Hat. He looks like he is ready to go skiing in Aspen. lol!
I put this picture on here just CAUSE I love the people in it and it is sooooo good!
This is my favorite girl giving Brant a bottle for the first time. She adores him very much like I adore her!! She is going to be the big 4 on the 17th. I can't believe it.
I have been waiting for this for soooooooo loooooong...
BRANT'S First Picture with his COUSINS!!! Yeah!! :) We had such a good time.

Brant in a Hatchet shirt. That's right he has a Black and Gold shirt before a BR shirt. I can't believe it either, except for Brant's big cousins are Hatchets and he wants to grow up and be just like them.

Baby MANNING!! I laughed so hard that it hurt my incision. Andrew and Dawson put one of the boys' build a bear Colts Helmets on Brant and came running in the room screaming.. "Baby Manning!!" Needless to say there was a lot of excitement and energy around this weekend and Brant did so good with all of the noise! Good Thing!

The Big introductions...Brant got to meet the Graber Family at Bobe's. I couldn't help it that the first thing I had to do when I got into town was have me some Mozzerella Bread. lol Brant made Kayden look so big! It brought tears to my eyes.

Andrew telling Brant about Jesus for the first time. :) It makes my heart smile!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I love my little Monkey Bottom!! he he he This little outfit just makes me smile! :)

I have been wanting a "Brant" charm and there are so many kinds out there to choose from. But I think I am going with this style. What do you think?
We went to Moe's for lunch (go figure!) and Daddy had to go to Bass Pro. So Brant was practicing for his first road trip in 4 more days. 6 hours to Indiana! :)

Sneak Peak at Brant's nursery. I still need to hang up the letters in his name. Thanks to my good friend, Jenny. More to come later.