Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 211: 7/30
Boating at Lakeland

Day 210: 7/29
First experience with consignment

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My boy likes the camera!

Day 209: 7/28
Love photo shoots with this adorable little guy.

Day 208: 7/27
Blessed by Diapers. Long Long story but someone bought me diapers at Target and said they were a gift from Jesus! That's cool, because we Know Jesus! :)

Day 207: 7/26
As crazy as it sounds....I really do enjoy making Brant's babyfood.
Reason #1. Save $$$
Reason #2. I know exactly what's in the stuff.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Can't believe my Baby is 6 months!

Day 206: 7/25
As you can see...Andrew has a special talent for helping Brant fall asleep for nap time.
He leads by example. ha!

Day 205: 7/24
Talking about something serious. Love them.

Day 204: 7/23
Uhhh Ohhhh! Brant found us.
Peeek a boo. I see you Mom and Dad.
He always has us laughing.

Day 203: 7/22
Lanie always enjoys taking care of her little Baby Brant.

Day 202: 7/21
Brant started doing a new trick this week. Clapping! He gets soooo excited about it and hollers really really loud!!

Day 201: 7/20
Brant has his own music for the car. One of his songs goes like this.....
Mom has a Mom and she's my Grandma.
Dad has a Mom and she's my Grandma.
There are many Grandmas who love me.
So very thankful for Brant's loving Grandmas that he got to hang out with this week!

Day 200: 7/19
Lunch Date with Good friends!

Day 199: 7/18
A sweet treat from the sweetest friend. My favorite ice cream from Scoops - Black Razz. They always run out of it when I am home, so it seems. But my dear friend, pulled some strings with her ice cream connections and surprised me! :)

Day 198: 7/17
My Mom is such a wonderful Godly woman and a great role model for me. This past week she has been serving and loving on the people of Joplin with a group from New Hope in Washington.

Day 197: 7/16
Daddy works so hard for us. He is such a handy man and can do anything he puts his mind to, like cutting down this huge tree! Impressive Honey!! :)
Now you see it...
POOF!! Now you don't...

Day 196: 7/15
6 Month Check up and Shots with Dr. O! Brant wanted to eat his stethoscope. He weighed 19 pounds and 8 ounces. That is 80 percentile for 6 month old boys.

Day 195: 7/14
Big Boy Celebrates Half a Year! Can't believe it! He is growing up way too fast. Thank you Lord for a beautiful healthy smart bouncing baby boy!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

1st taste of FOOD!

Day 194: 7/13
First taste of Food was ... Avocado! He loved it. I mashed it up with my little blender, just like the Bullet, only it's called the Rocket. ha! He laughed after every bite. It was so much fun watching him enjoy the experience! I can't wait to try the next food. I pray that he is not a picky eater.

Day 193: 7/12
Hanging out with Mr. Cooper! (Why don't they make shows like that anymore??)
Cooper is almost 8 months and Brant is almost 6 months. Cooper was go go go! Crawling everywhere!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's Hot!

192: 7/11
Hot, Hot, Hot! I always think of the old commercial In Indiana when it's this hot...
"It's hot Don!"
"You can say that again!"
"It's HOT Don!"
At one point it actually read 104 degrees!

191: 7/10
Don't mess with Brant and his washcloth. He is one happy boy if he can just stick it in his mouth.

190: 7/9
Getting better and better at sitting up by myself! :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Holy Cow...We've been busy!

Day 189: 7/8
Cow Day at Chic-fila!! Brant's first of MANY! Andrew always takes a group of kids every year and they get free meals for dressing up like a cow!!
Happy Birthday Aunt Libby!

Day 188: 7/7
Swim & Study with Middle Schoolers. One of the students remembered that Last year at Swim & Study was when Andrew announced that I was pregnant by giving the kids grapes and telling them that's how big our baby was!! lol!

Day 187: 7/6
We got to meet Kasen Jared Smith and Lilly Joetta Cummings during our visit. They were both under 1 week old. So sweet.

Day 186: 7/5
Re-united with DADDY! We missed him so much!
I made the boys labels for their DSs with my Cricut. We thought they were pretty cool.

Day 185: 7/4
Happy 4th of July and Brant's first time to HOLIDAY WORLD!!! We all missed Andrew.

Day 184: 7/3
Andrew had a great week of Middle School Camp in Panama City Beach! Thank you God!
Flashback - Panama City Beach Trip 2006 - 2 months after we were married!

Day 183: 7/2
We had a wonderful day hanging with the Cummings Family out at Camp Illiana.

Day 182: 7/1
Graber Cousins. Tyson and Tiffani and the boys were in Indiana too! :) Brant saw fireworks again and Marsha & Tom's party.

Day 181: 6/30
Drove 6 hours with just Mommy & Brant to have play time with these special people! I called this Miss Lanie's music class. ha ha

Day 180: 6/29
Brant rockin' the Michael Jordan jersey!

Day 179: 6/28
A special gift from Cousin Theo!

Day 178: 6/27
Brant meets Great-Great Aunt Irene.

Day 177: 6/26
Brant's very first fireworks! We went to watch Bellvue's fireworks in the Kohl's parking lot.