Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hilarious Commercial!

One of my students from last year showed me this and I loved it! ...Enjoy!
I don't even like Dr. Pepper.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Productive Weekend!

We had a great time on Friday at school! I have such a wonderful class!

I wanted to share what we got done this weekend. All Paint Upstairs and the Hardwood Floor by my wonderful husband! We had a lot of help last week. Thanks to everyone who has offered your time, love, energy, and right arm! Thanks! You are a breath of fresh air! It's coming together thanks to all our friends and family's help!
Anytime you need a painter, or someone to hold a ladder or flashlight....Call me!!

Upstairs Jack and Jill Bathroom - Dalphin Grey

Upstairs Hallway - Bark Mulch
Upstairs Guest Bedroom - Grey

Guest Bedroom #2 (AKA Future Nursery) - Cornico Beige
Andrew's Office - Wild Grasses (Olive Green)
One of my Favorite things about our Home! I've always dreamed of having lights that shine on our house!! God knows my heart's desires!
Love you all! Happy Fall!