Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Rain Rain Go away! I am so ready for Sunshine. Since I've been in Indiana there has only been one day that it hasn't rained. Lots and Lots of storms. This is a picture of Me and Brant sitting in my parent's car down in their garage. There was a Tornado Warning for Eastern Daviess County and it sounded like the roof on their house was going to blow off. I was so glad that he never woke up because it was like 11:30 pm. We were very thankful for God being with us and keeping us all safe. They have had a lot of storms back home too.
Day 110: 4/20

Indiana Mushrooms

Papaw Gordon's version of hunting is walking in the woods during April, finding mushrooms and then bringing them home to fry and eat! Delicious. I know it sounds sketchy. But I've done it my whole life and it's never hurt anything. ha ha This mushroom was a whopper. We have eaten them probably 7 times this visit. So good. My dad can't wait to take Brant Mushroom Hunting when he gets bigger.
Day 109: 4/19

4 generations

Cummings - My Mom's Side
Pa, Mom, Me, and Brant
I only have one grandparent still living so I was very thankful to get this 4 generations picture.
Day 108: 4/18

One happy AUNT!

On Saturday afternoon we were all sitting around eating lunch at my parents. I was in the kitchen making something and I turned to ask my nephews Brycen and Kayden what they thought about the Community Easter Program the Promise. They had just went not too long ago and I never got the chance to talk to them about it. They said it was good and we talked about their favorite parts. (My cousin Cody plays the part of Jesus in it and does a wonderful job.) and then there was a LONG pause....... and Brycen said...... I am getting baptized on Sunday. I think I choked a little bit and my eyes had to be the size of apples! I said this SUNDAY??? And he said YES, I wanted to keep it a surprise!!!! Well he surprised me alright! I ran to him and hugged and kissed him and told him how happy I was!!!! So he made JESUS his Lord and Savior on Sunday morning and I was so thankful it worked out for me to be there. I am so proud of him. It made me so happy! I can't imagine how I'll be when my OWN son tells me he wants Jesus to live in his heart. Chalk another life up for Jesus! My boy Brycen got saved! :)
Day 107: 4/17

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Very First Swim

Brant swam for the first time this weekend over at the Boyd family pool. It is so nice. Perfect for Brant's first swim. It was really warm. I think he just thought him and Daddy were in a really big bath tub. He was just hanging out, never cried about the new experience at all. He is such a good boy. Lanie, Brycen, and Kayden were in on the fun!
4/16: Day 106

Uncle Luke

Luke is growing up so fast! I remember when I first started dating Andrew and I just thought he was the cutest little thing. Well he isn't so little anymore. He went to his 8th grade dance this weekend and looked so handsome. We told him he could borrow Brant to pick up chicks because that's what Andrew did with him! ha ha ha
4/15: Day 105

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sorry it took so long.

I mentioned this project when I was preggers with B and totally forgot to reveal the little beauty. This church pew bench is very very special to me. My mom sat on it when she was a little girl and so did I for many many years. It was one thing I requested from my parents when Andrew and I bought our house. So my dad had it cut down to a smaller and much more convenient size. I think it turned out fabulous and I hope to keep passing it down through the years.
Day 103: 4/13

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy ...

to get up with my cuddly little boy in the weeeeeee hours of the morning. I will never complain about doing it again, because every moment is a gift from God and I will not take it for granted.

Day 102: 4/12

Monday, April 11, 2011

Nash-Vegas to Hot-Lanta!

My Baby is a Traveler ... and a very good one, I must say!
6 hours to and from Nashville in 2 days
16 hours to and from Atlanta in 3 days
What was I thinking taking a 2 month old??
He did better than me. He never complained.

We got to experience the Famous Monell's as soon as we got to Nashville. Oh MY WORD! This place is Yummmmm-diggity! Andrew and I already want to go back. Next time we are even close to Nashville we will be swinging by for the best corn pudding, green beans, macaroni and cheese, etc. and it's all served up Family Style. I was hesitant to give this place a try, but one of our senior adults read about it in a SouthernLiving magazine. Their motto was "Help, I've eaten and I can't get up."
Day 96: 4/6

Brant and I went along for the ride with Andrew to take some Senior Adults to the Lifeway Gospel Conference in Nashville. The Peasall Sisters were my Favorite. They sang "In the Highways" on the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack. Brant loved the music. The only time he talked or fussed was when they stopped to pray. ha ha ha Look out for this PK (preacher's kid).
Day 97: 4/7

On Friday we drove for 8 hours to ATL with 68 Middle Schoolers and sponsors. It was a long day so B and I camped out in the hotel room while everybody else went to the Believe Conference. I thought I deserved room service.
So I did.I was so proud of him. He was so happy to stretch out and lay on the hotel bed.
Day 98: 4/8

Day 99: 4/9

100 Days in 2011!
I can't believe I've actually kept up with this. Motivation...scrapbooking Brant's first year of Life!
This picture screams.......MOMMA!!!!! PLEASE GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!
Day 100: 4/10

~Home Sweet Home~
I have been trying something new. Instead of Rocking B to sleep all the way every night, I lay him down and cover his face with either a blanky or his Puppy Dog. It soothes him the rest of his way to sleepy town! :) Last night it worked again and he slept 9 hours. I love my boy.
Day 101: 4/11

I asked God to help him be a good traveler before he was even born, because Andrew and I do A LOT OF IT!
I love my little traveler. Next on the list......Montgomery, Indiana.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shortalls?? I'll take em!

My two new obsessions...Ralph Lauren shortalls and consignment sales!! I can't wait to see my li'l monkey in them. Thanks Beth for the hook-up! You're the best!

Day 95: 4/5

Monday, April 4, 2011

More Visitors

Day 94: 4/4
Most of the time today I just sat around and got so excited! About what? My 11 week old grabbing at his bird. He started doing it last Monday night while my Mom was with us. Not batting uncontrollable swings anymore, but slow controlled grabs!! YEAH, Little Man! If you look real can see that in this picture he has a-hold of the bird's feet! It's so cute to watch him do it. He is growing and changing so quickly.

Day 93: 4/3
Before Grandma and Grandpa Raymond and Uncle Luke headed back to Indiana, we had to have lunch at none other than Firebirds.

Day 92: 4/2
Looking cute for our trip to Central BBQ, Nike Outlet (where Grandma & Grandpa Raymond bought me my first pair of Jordans and soccer ball), and a cookout to Ronnie & Saundra's to watch the Final Four. Go Butler!

Day 91: 4/1
Luke came to hang out with Brant for a few days on his 8th grade year of Spring Break. He is such a good uncle. He is good at taking in and out the car seat and putting on Brant's shoes. :)