Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekly Snapshots ~ Catch up!

February 27
1st time to the zoo in 2012 as a 1 year old.
It was so much more exciting this time around. We will be going a lot this year, because Uncle Ty and Aunt Tiff got us passes at Christmas. We are so excited! The monkeys were definately his favorite today.

February 20
1st Carousel Ride with Daddy at the Wolfchase Mall. Brant took it all in and kept pointing at the lights, the horses, the everything!

February 14
I heart this boy with all my HEART! :)

February 6
My sleepy boy...He rides so good in the car. Still. Thankfully. :)

January 30
Snack time with Russell.
The boys are only 4 weeks apart and they always have a good time together.
They love to go for walks in the wagon.

January 23
The Cutest Little Sock Monkey.