Thursday, December 15, 2011

1st Picture with Santa

Day 348: 12/15
My boys sleeping in together. They are tooooo adorable for words!!!

Day 347: 12/14
Happy 11 months, Baby Boy! You are so precious to us. We love you.

Day 346: 12/13
Brant's First picture with Santa. I was nervous about Brant being scared of Santa, but he did really good. Super calm because he didn't know what to think about the whole idea!! Of course, we had to go to Bass Pro to meet him. I think Andrew wants to keep with that tradition, because we shopped for over an hour afterwards. ha ha

Day 345: 12/12
Mommy and Daddy were able to get away for a little lunch date and Brant got to spend time with Cheryl and Abby all to himself. He loves puppy-dogs. He says "Ruff Ruff" over and over.

Day 344: 12/11
Youth Group Christmas Party night! They had a fun little photo booth set up! ;)

Day 343: 12/10
Night time Reading Session :) Brant is growing to like books more and more! He likes to turn the pages now. His face totally says "Come on Mom."

Day 342: 12/9
Another Christmas-y picture! Ohhh I can't get enough of him. He looks so big in this picture like he is already walking.

Christmas Card 2011

Day 341: 12/8
This is the picture we went for the Christmas Card 2011. Daddy and I had fun taking it in downtown Arlington.

Day 340: 12/7
In this household Elmo is a pretty big deal! Here Brant is watching him during breakfast.

It's December

Day 339: 12/6
Middle School student leaders Christmas Party. They had a silly hat gift exchange. Brant does not look impressed by these crazy kids!! ha ha

Day 338: 12/5
Brant loves for us to "Get him." He always wants us to chase him around the corner. If we aren't following him, he will back up and holler at us to get our attention. So much fun!!

Day 337: 12/4
Soaring with Daddy! Their new little game.

Day 336: 12/3
Evening with friends. The kiddos really enjoyed playing together, which is always nice. :)

Day 335: 12/2
Christmas Tree is up and we enjoy it so much. And after B has been told several times NO NO, he does a pretty good job of leaving it alone.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jesus, the best gift. Ever. Ever.

Day 334: 12/1
2 Corinthians 9:15
Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!

How does a Horsie go??

Day 333: 11/30
Daddy was watching me while Mommy had to have work done at the dentist and guess what I found?? My new favorite toy. The toilet paper. Yikes!!

Day 332: 11/29
This boy loves I am talking loves toothbrushes. When he sees Andrew and I brush our teeth, he thinks he just has to have one too. He is so intrigued by it. I think it feels good on his gums too. So Brant has his very own toothbrush.

Day 331: 11/28
I love hanging out with my DADDY! He is sooo much fun! It feels good to be home again.

Day 330: 11/27
Just hanging out in Daddy's office waiting on him after church. This paint can made the perfect little seat. I could eat him in this outfit.

Day 329: 11/26
Brant learned how the horsie goes from Gigi. If you ask him he will click his tongue. It is adorable. It makes me so proud of him when he learns new things! So We had to take Brant to go visit The Burkhart's horses. I think he was overwhelmed by how big they were! He cried a little, but loved it when they would shake their head up and down. We told Brant they were saying "YES," which he can do now too.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

1st Turkey Day~

Day 328: 11/25
Happy 30th Black Friday Birthday Dusty! Andrew and I had a great time with wonderful friends! So glad we got to Celebrate with Dusty.

Day 327: 11/24
Brant's very 1st Turkey Day! It was a great day with both sides of the family. We are so blessed that our parents live so close together.

Day 326: 11/23
While we were in Indiana Daddy spent a lot of time in the woods. His goal was to get a big buck! And He Did! Most points he has ever scored. Here is our proud Daddy with his 11 point. Brant loved shaking the antlers. ha ha

Day 325: 11/22
It was good to see Rach and Zach for a few days. Hanging out with Uncle Zach makes for Good Times!

Day 324: 11/21
Sadie is one of Brant's bestest buddies. :) ha ha Here Brant is trying to share his toys with Sadie.

Finishing up November

Day 323: 11/20
Brant is now drinking out of a new kind of straw sippy cup! He loves it. He always acts like he is soooo thirsty.

Day 322: 11/19
Here is another great photo taken by Aunt Libby! We love those blue eyes!!

Day 321: 11/18
Aunt Libby helped Mommy take my picture for my invitation to my 1st birthday! :) It was so cold so we had to do it REALLY FAST! Thankfully we got a good picture out of just a few shots.

Day 320: 11/17
Brant loves crawling the stairs at his Grandma & Grandpa Raymond's house because they are off limits at his house. Good thing Uncle Luke has his back!