Monday, February 8, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside...

However, all of this cold, snowy, icy weather is apparently the only thing that is going to keep me home long enough so I can finish some of my little projects and ACTUALLY... FOR REAL post them! :)

I am always looking for a way to add a seasonal pop throughout the house. I had a lot of fun putting together this Valentine frame. I set it next to a "flirty" picture of me with my LOVE. It took me 15 minutes and I feel that love is in the air.

Now for my new "little birdie" entry way. Does anyone else love birds as much as I do? I feel like anything I see at Hobby Lobby with a bird on it should be mine.
Dislike Blank Walls? I do...but didn't know really what I wanted to do on this wall for sure. So I made a "temporary" arrangement until I find something I really adore enough to buy it. However, I really like this so might just have to STAY! 4 different frames, a little paint, different font printed from Microsoft Word, Scrapbook paper, and Modge Podge. That's it! (oops...forgot to move the Colts Snuggie for this picture.)
My wonderful and craftsman of a Husband helped me hang our new drapes...and they look even better because I had Andrew's Aunt make a piece of fabric to attach to the top of the panels. Thanks, Saundra. She is so good and helpful with my decorating.
I got this idea from a local decor store. I made them out of a frame and had Andrew staple in some thick wires. I use miniture clothespins to display the pictures. I put them up in my kitchen so I can easily change my photos of the wonderful people in my life and enjoy them without having a messy fridge.
I have always wanted a stick tree so that I can hang seasonal decor on it. I literally gathered small twigs and stuck them in an awesome vase from Old Time Pottery and stuffed Grass Moss in the inside. I plan to do little Easter Eggs next.

My favorite...My cute little neighbor friend and small group girl had surgery on her leg. Well one night I kidnapped her boring crutches(with permission from her Mom) and decorated them with her favorite colored ribbon! Much better! :) She was suprised!

I hope you find a day where you can find time to do some of those things you enjoy and have been meaning to do... It is such a good feeling.