Saturday, October 29, 2011

Smoky Mountains

Day 302: 10/29
Brant got busted playing with all of my markers. Check out that face! lol

Day 301: 10/28
Brant was sporting the RED today for the St. Louis Cardinals! They won the 11th World Series tonight. Go Cards!

Day 300: 10/27
Like FATHER Like Son.
My boys are so much fun! Never a dull moment.
The Seniors ALWAYS like to stop at the Russell Stover Chocolate Outlet. My boys were into the samples. Andrew was eating them and B was happy with licking the cups.

Day 299: 10/26
Brant's first time on top of a Mountain. Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
Our Sweet Little Pumpkin

Day 298: 10/25
Brant learned how to do SOOOO BIIIGGG while we were driving around East Tennessee. He looks so serious about his new trick.

Day 297: 10/24
Brant's 1st ride of MANY in the New Hope Bus. Thankfully, he traveled really really well again. We were on our way to Pigeon Forge with the Senior Adults to the Celebrators Conference.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Our Little Monkey :) he he he

Day 296: 10/23
Brant's 1st Fallapoolooza Party at church.So proud of Baby Boy for winning his very 1st costume contest. He had NO IDEA how cute he was!!
Brant's little buddy Luke was a werewolf!

Day 295: 10/22
Brant's Trick or Treat Basket that I threw together! Happy with how it turned out! Hope to use this for many years to come.

Day 294: 10/21
Helping Momma with the dishes. :)

Day 293: 10/20
Bed Head! Just like his Momma. Too bad you can't see my case of bed head in this picture.

Day 292: 10/19
Happy Birthday to my Mr. Wonderful. 27 years looks good on you Babe!
Uncle Greg came over to wish Andrew a happy birthday.

Day 291: 10/18
Brant got to hang out with Miss Jennifer and Drew today while Mommy and Daddy had an early birthday lunch date. :) He likes to really watch Drew and what he is doing. ha ha

Day 290: 10/17
Brant's 9 month check up. Reading a little while we wait on Dr. O.

Day 289: 10/16
Dad's Little Birthday Party with the guys! We had pizza, chips, drinks, and warm apples and ice cream!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Day 288: 10/15
Priddy Farms Pumpkin Patch was a great place to pick out Brant's first pumpkin, take some pictures, and where his new shirt that Beth helped me make. It turned out so stinkin' cute! :)

9 Months

Day 287: 10/14
Brant Nichols Raymond is 9 Months old today! Thank you Lord for blessing us with such a special boy.

Cotton Fields

Day 286: 10/13
I really want to start the tradition of taking Brant's picture with the cotton every fall. I think they turned out so sweet. I love the expressions he makes. He was kind of sleepy when we took them.
When I went back to the Jeep to grab something real quick, I had to capture this view of Brant's Daddy loving him. Priceless. Brant, your daddy loves you so very very much!

It's official. I have myself a good ol' southern boy.

I love Pj's

Day 285: 10/12
Andrew took a few college age guys to visit Johnson this week. While he was there, he sent me this picture of our apartment! :) Ahhhh the Memories. We lived in the Married Housing on Campus from January to May 2007. That was the time period we refer to as the Knox-Vegas days! :)

Day 284: 10/11
Loving his Care Package from Dawson, Dieken, Declan, and Drake. He got super excited about the baby food that comes in the squeezable package. Makes him go bonkers! He eats that stuff up! :) Thanks Uncle Tyson and Aunt Tiffani.

Day 283: 10/10
Practicing with his football in his crib. What else do 8 month old boys do? duh.

Day 282: 10/9
I love Brant in anything, but there is just something about Pj's that take cuteness to a whole new level! :) That's why we have a lot! Lanie and Libby got him this cute pair a LONG time ago. When he was just born. Now they fit. 12 month pjs and he is 8 months old. He is my healthy big boy!

Swinging & Sliding

Day 280 & 281: 10/7 & 8
I told you Brant loves Lanie. He can't even take his eyes off of her. This was his first time on the swing and the slide. He loved doing both with Lanie. Anything outside and my boy is happy! :) Thanks to Aunt Libby for the great pictures.

Monday, October 17, 2011

ATL and Indiana

Day 279: 10/6
Sadly, Brant doesn't do this much anymore. :( Thankfully he did while we were in Atlanta for Andrew's Catalyst Conference. It worked out so well. We got to listen to God working through amazing people like: Andy Stanley, Priscilla Shirer, Dave Ramsey, Blake Mycoskie (founder of Toms shoes), Katie Davis (Author of Kisses from Katie). Brant was such a good boy. Thank you Lord for answering our prayers.

Day 278: 10/5
We went to the famous Varsity while we were in Atlanta. It was so yummy. Best Onion Rings I think I've ever had. Andrew had been there before, but this was my first time. Next time we go Brant will actually get to "eat" there. This time it was just Sweet Potato puff for him. Thankfully, he didn't know what he was missing. ha ha

Day 277: 10/4
Brant loves every minute of hanging out with Lanie. He adores her! All Lanie has to do is just look at him and smile and he gets sooooo excited! :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Packing up our Suitcase

Day 276: 10/3
Brant helping me do some serious packing for Indiana and Atlanta.

Day 275: 10/2
Representing the Colts, even if it is a tough year!! Hang in there Indy!!

Day 274: 10/1
I was so happy that we got to see THE Sam Hancock sing with his Band Illuminate down at the Midsouth Youthfest. He is doing a great job of bringing it for God!

New Car Seat :)

Day 273: 9/30
I love this Lion Hat on my little man. I couldn't stop giggling over how cute he was in it.

Day 272: 9/29
Brant trying on a winter coat hand-me-down. Don't think this one will work for this year. Maybe the next. :) ha ha It was a funny sight seeing him try to roll over in it.

Day 271: 9/28
This morning Brant stayed with my Mother-in-law while I went with Andrew to a Middle School for the See you at the Pole event. I always used to go to them when I was in school and this was my first one since I graduated high school. Such an awesome awesome God thing thay is still in our public schools today. I hope it's still around when Brant is in High School. Then later that night we went to the BPAC for hopefully what was the first annual SYATP evening event with a bunch of area churches. I couldn't locate the pictures I took of the kids. :(

Day 270: 9/27
Brant can now climb up on our sofa table and He Loves every minute of it. He thinks it's a game. It's so cute the way he climbs up on it and perches.

Day 269: 9/26
Brant has moved up to a bigger carseat. My Ride 65 is the name of it because he can use it until he is 65 pounds. It is rear-facing for now, but we can turn it around to forward facing when we are ready. My baby boy is growing up way too fast. No more "infant" carseat. :(

Our Daily Life with Brant, of course! :)

Day 268: 9/25
Sleeping away while Daddy and I watch the Colts with Kevin and Brock at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Day 267: 9/24
Breakfast at Chicfila with Daddy on a Saturday morning. I love his little tennis shoes.

Day 266: 9/23
Getting better at pulling himself up. Here he is checking out the nativity set and picture of Brycen, Kayden, and Lanie on my built in bookshelf.

Day 265: 9/22
Brant taking a "ride" with Daddy in his truck to the mailbox.