Tuesday, November 13, 2012

So Thankful...#12

You have NO idea how incredibly thankful I am for Independent Play-Time at the Raymond Home.  It doesn't happen a whole lot, but man it is so nice when it does. We have really been working on it. We needed an intervention, so my sister in law, Tiffani told me to try "Blanket Time." It has really helped us. We call it "The Blanket Game" and get out his special Colt's blanket and Brant's special box of toys. I really play it up!!! Some may say I am dramatic. I blame it on the teacher in me. He has to stay on the blanket and play until the timer goes off. If he stays on it and does a good job, he gets rewarded with an MandM. It is going well. We are up to 12 minutes right now. Some days he struggles and yells "Momma, I need HELP!"  ha ha 

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