Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

The Armor of God was in his Easter basket when he woke up. We had to hurry up and do our festivities before Daddy had to leave for church.

He was super excited about it, because his daddy had been teaching him all about it at bedtime and he caught on to the different parts super fast. He always amazes us with his ability to learn. He is such a little smarty. I love to hear him say, "Where's my sword of spirit, mom." (Not just sword.) Wow, he's amazing!
Hunting for eggs with his helmet of salvation on.
I found another egg!
Eating his yummy Resurrection Roll.  He would say, "The Marshmallow is gone. Jesus is alive." He doesn't forget anything and is my little parrot.
Found another egg. Oh and I love how he calls all rabbits Peter Cottontail now. He is just too cute!
My little man has so much swag.


One with Mr. Gator.
 I love my sweet family. Super excited about having a little girl around for next Easter. Hopefully, I'll remember to have someone take a good picture for us next year. This momma keeps missing the boat.

Brant's gonna be a....

Baby GIRL is due August 27th. 
We are super excited and can't wait to meet her!

Brant turns 2


I can not believe our baby boy turned 2. Where has the time gone? It's so hard for Andrew and I to remember the time before he was in our lives.  Brant fills our house with joy, giggles, passion, energy, and love! We are so blessed that God picked us to be his parents. Thank you, God for a healthy and smart little boy. Help us to grow him into a man that lives for you!

Christmas 2012

Brant loves his Bry-Bry.

Papaw and Gigi with their whole crew.

Brant and his cousins. They are the life of his party!

Drake helping Brant open his presents.

Big Cousin Dieken helping out, too.

Brant's favorite girl. He says she is his Best Friend. So cute.

Oh Elmo!

Chow time! Brant thinks he is big stuff sitting by the big boys.

Dancing with Gigi and Papaw. He is a dance machine!

Park with Papaw

Chase me, Chase me!
Weeeee! My boy loves to swing.