Monday, January 16, 2012

Memorable Monday Moment

Today was an eventful day for Mr. B.

He started the morning off with three shots and one finger prick at the Doctor for his one year appointment.

The Doctor checked his gums and confirmed why we had a week full of crying. Literally. Doc was suprised to see how bad they were and asked if he could help the tooth pop through. We said absolutely because in our opinion it couldn't get any worse. So he took the tongue depressor and we held Brant down and he pushed on B's gums to get it to pop through. Poor little guy screamed his head off. Amazingly, it worked though and we could see the white tooth. And Brant has gotten relief!! Hallelujah!!

Next Brant and I went driving down Germantown Road scanning for a place to get a walk-in haircut. We found a place and Brant enjoyed his first sucker while he got his first "professional" haircut. I have cut it a few times, but this time it needed cleaned up by a trained professional. ha. He looks like such a big boy now. :(

Then swang by Target to get baby Ibuprofen and Chicfila for lunch with Andrew and the kiddos.

Brant took a 3 and a half hour nap because he was exhausted from the morning festivities.

Around 5:30 we were headed out the door to meet Andrew and some boys for dinner and Brant did a face plant into the baby gate. I will leave out the details but let's just say it's the first time blood has been involved in one of Brant's accidents. I was totally freaked out and the calm parent wasn't home. Thankfully just a busted inside lip and bruised gum right where the new tooth is. Whew!!

At dinner he had me cracking up because he licked his yogurt tub clean. Guess he wanted to make sure he got it all! It was even in his eyelashes!

Finally, the day was ending with his bath routine. I was getting the water temperature ready and he was laying right beside me, because I had just stripped him down. I started to feel something warm on my leg. My son was peeing on me AND....LAUGHING about it! I couldn't believe he was laughing. He is such a boy.

We definitely have a Jokester on our hands.

After two days of having a ONE year old in the house I have a feeling that we are in for a WILD RIDE!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday to Brant!

Our sweet little baby turned one today.

Brant is ONE!
*baby sign language you use is "more", "eat", "milk", "drink"
*you love puppy dogs
*animal sounds you make over and over - horsies, puppy dogs, cows, ducks, dinosaurs
*words you can say - Dada, Mama, up, ball, bath, hot, hi, bye-bye
*can nod your head yes
*your favorite foods are crackers, puff corn, cheerios, pizza, any fruit in a squeezable pouch
*need your passy to sleep and in the car
*oh my goodness, you love Elmo. We watch him every morning.
*like to take daddy's hats on and off
*bath time is still your favorite time of the day
*like turning the bath water on
*you drink great from a straw
*can show 1 on your finger (still need to capture with my camera)
*you have been the best little sleeper that we could have ever hoped for
*you are very cautious, so not much interest in walking

Dear Brant,
A year with you has been such a joy. (For Mommy it has been a little longer.) When we first found out that God was going to bless us with our first child we prayed and prayed for God to mold you and shape you into a strong and healthy baby. Then when the nurse told us we were going to have a little boy, we asked God to help us be parents that would teach us to shape you into the Man God wanted you to be. We could hardly wait. We waited and waited. The day you were expected to be born passed and we prayed and prayed that God would be in control. Then the doctor scheduled January 13, 2011 at 8:00pm to be the evening Mommy would go to the hospital to get ready to meet you. We slept at the hospital that night and we knew that January 14th was going to finally be the day we got to meet you! You were worth the wait, buddy! At 7:37 pm (almost 24 hours later) you entered this world. Weighing 8 pounds 12 ounces and 21 inches long. You were exactly what we prayed for. You were a healthy strong beautiful baby boy! We loved your skin, lips, fingers, toes, dark hair, and those eyes! Your eyes looked so much like Daddy. Holding you in our arms was the best feeling ever. Knowing that you were finally here. We couldn't wait to take care of you and love on you. We look forward to watching you grow over the years. We love you, Brant Nichols.

Mommy & Daddy

The highlight to Brant's birthday was definately his first taste of donut holes. It was a tough day for our little man, he has many teeth that are trying to come in. I hate to see him so miserable. However, the donuts seemed to make him feel better. :)

Hmmmm? What's this? Not a cheerio, not a goldfish.
Sweet Niblets! That stuff is off the hook!
Dad! Dad! Wowzers, You've got to try this stuff!
Happy Birthday to me!

Monday, January 9, 2012

365 Days - 2011 Life in Pictures. Done.

Day 365: 12/31
New Year's Eve. Who wanted a bite of my pizza more? Brant or Abby, the neighbor's dog? We had a great time at the Hagens. Brant got to stay up until 10:30!

Day 364: 12/30
We had a great time hanging out with friends over at the Davis household. Brant and Luke loved eating the cheerios off the floor that I accidentally dumped everywhere.

Day 363: 12/29
My sister in law, Tiffani took this great picture of Brant. HE is so amazing! I love seeing his personality develop more and more every day!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Brant's 1st Birthday Party!

Day 362: 12/28 The Early Celebration!
~Winter ONE-derland~

Needless to say, our boy has a sweet tooth. He loved his cake! I had to pry it away from him.
We love you Brant Nichols. You are ONE special boy!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Brant's First Christmas

Day 361: 12/28
Christmas with the Grabers

Day 360: 12/27
Creation Museum

Day 359: 12/26
Cincinnati Trip with the Grabers
Creation Museum Christmas Lights
It was so cold. We had Brant bundled up as snug as a bug!!

Day 358: 12/25
Brant's First Christmas at Gigi and Papaw's
We woke up and sang Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus, opened presents, went to New Hope to church and spent the majority of the day at Logan and Libby's.

Day 357: 12/24
Christmas Eve with the Cummings
They are big big buds!
All of the newest cousins in one picture. Missing Noah and Adrian Cummings, and Eden McPherson. They were there, just not in the picture. Lilly, Brant, Ezney, and Owen.
He got an Elmo book with a cd from Owen and Eden. He was super excited about it.

Day 356: 12/23
Balancing a Cheerio on his ear. I think he was saving it for later. ha ha

Day 355: 12/22
Christmas with the Raymonds

Day 354: 12/21
Dinner with Friends in Bloomington. Shannon and Jordan loved getting to meet Brant! It was so good to see them and catch up. We miss them so much!

Day 353: 12/20
Picture of Brant in front of our Christmas tree.


Day 352: 12/19
The highlight over the weekend was definately 2 kids giving their life to Jesus and getting baptized. It was so cool we used the Boyd's pool at 11:30 at night.

Day 351: 12/18
Brant's Daddy is awesome at snowboarding!!

Day 350: 12/17
We had such a great time!

Day 349: 12/16
Winter Retreat 2011 ~Abide~ We stayed at Camp Illiana in Washington, Indiana but went skiing at Perfect North in Cincinnati, Ohio. Brant got to stay with Gigi and Papaw while we hit the slopes.