Monday, November 19, 2012

Bittersweet Thankful #15...

I have been feeling like I need to "help" Brant see that his "Pa-Pa" is for babies and that he is a big boy now. Well he knows that big boys should not have them during the day, but at bed time/nap it is his favorite thing ever. Honestly. He is so excited to see his pacifiers. I keep telling myself after we are done traveling for the Holidays. Over 16 hours total on the road. Well on Thursday, I was super THANKFUL we decided to wait. I was so nervous about making the road trip with Brant by myself, so I prayed and prayed about it. Brant was the best little traveler. We talked and sang until Chicfila. Then we ate lunch and played and played in the play place and then he slept all the way until Petersburg. We didn't even need to get out the dvd player and all 15 dvds that I was prepared to play for him. ha ha  Thanks to Jesus and "Pa-Pa" Brant slept 4 hours. Woohoooo!!
Not looking forward to after the holidays when we take away the precious jewel. ha ha  All good things must come to an end.  

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