Wednesday, November 14, 2012

So Thankful...#13

(Sorry, it's so blurry.) Andrew's JBC Graduation 2007.
Today I am thinking of 2 special people that I am very thankful for and the way they have touched our lives forever. We lived with Andrew's grandparents, Nickpop and Grandmom for almost 3 years and we are so glad we did. They helped us get started on the right foot, because as newlyweds we needed the support and they helped us out so much. They are so giving, gracious, and loving. Just good ol' Southern Folks. They have taught us so much and we are very very thankful for the years Andrew had with his sweet Nickpop, since he never got to live in the same town, except for the last 6 years of Nickpop's life. Thank you God, for orchestrating such a precious time.

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