Sunday, November 4, 2012

So Thankful...#4

I am so blessed to have these 3 men in my life. 
They are the men I have known the longest, and have adored my whole life! I have been called a daddy's girl several times and told that I make my brothers look like brothers, because they don't look alike and I look like both of them. They have taught me so much and helped shape me into the girl I am today. Their character showed me what a REAL man was and forced me to aim high for my husband, because they set such a great example. Thankfully, I did find the ONE that met up to those high standards. I didn't know if it would be possible, but Andrew proved it could happen. :) And their wives are a perfect fit for each of them and I love them like my own sisters.
It's so funny that one of my favorite things to do is watch my brothers play basketball. Even now if they are playing a pick-up game and I have the opportunity... I rush to see them play, even if they aren't in their prime anymore. I don't know what it is, but I get such a since of pride and nostalgia from watching MY brothers play. I think they are the best things ever.
They are the reason I work hard, LOVE LOVE music, cheer for the Colts, Cardinals, Hoosiers, laugh really loud, get excited about re-runs of Seinfeld, know the Dukes of Hazard theme song, love Jesus, attempted to play basketball back in the day, confident in who I am, avid Mushroom hunter, good at defending myself, like SNL and David Letterman's top 10, big Michael Jordan fan, don't settle for less, and went to Camp Illiana all those years, the list goes on and on. I used to always wish I had a sister, but feel so special that I don't have to share my brothers and dad with a sister.
I am one blessed girl.

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