Sunday, November 11, 2012

So Thankful...#11 BIG DAY!

Today on the 11th day of thankfulness we are super thankful!! 
We had an awesome thing happen at church today. Something we have been praying for, hoping for, giving to, and anticipating with a great amount of excitement. We broke ground for the new addition. A major thing for us! Praise God we are growing and need it! No one will have to set up and tear down every week, anymore. We will have a great place for our awesome youth group!! Wooohooo! God is doing amazing things and we are just super blessed to be able to be a part of HIS work!

We are also so thankful for all the veterans but especially for our friend and neighbor, Wade Hagen. 
I loved how Brant kept looking at him today in his uniform. It was so sweet. 

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