Wednesday, November 30, 2011

10 months old

Day 320: 11/16
Daddy had to go to Youth Specialties in Atlanta so Brant and I stayed in Indiana for a few days until Daddy came back. We missed him so much, so we sent him this fun picture of WILD hair after bath time. Daddy always does bath time with the BOY every night.
Day 319: 11/15
Look out... This Momma needs a Girls Night Out! I had a great time with some wonderful friends. Abby and Shaya were there too, but we didn't get the picture before they had to leave. Thanks Jessie for hosting.

Day 318: 11/14
My little guy is 10 MONTHS OLD!!

Day 317: 11/13
Tyson and Tiffani and the boys were in Indiana for a couple of days too. (I am terrible. We were so busy, I didn't get any pictures.) Tiffani gave Brant this hat. It is so cute and cozy. Love it on him!

Day 316: 11/12
Daddy scored a special white Turkey hunting in Tennessee awhile back and we are just now getting a picture with the two special hunters and the once in a lifetime turkey. :) They look so handsome in their camo.
The whole fam

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Resting Pose! ;)

Day 315: 11/11
Brant got a lot of Lanie Lovin while we were in Indiana. :)
These 2 pictures do a good job of showing how special their relationship is! They are such big buddies.

Day 314: 11/10
His favorite thing to do at Gigi and Papaw's house this trip was climb up and down their fireplace step. It helped him get a lot better at crawling up on his knees.

Day 313: 11/9
Enjoying his first taste of Rice Krispie Treats at GiGi's house.

Day 312: 11/8
Daddy was getting his stuff together to take to Indiana hunting and we had fun seeing that B could fit into one of his boots! :) Not for long.

Day 311: 11/7
This is Brant's new thing... we call it "Resting." He will crawl, crawl, crawl across the floor and stop for a break to pose! It is seriously the cutest thing ever. I am so glad we were able to capture it.

Day 310: 11/6
Sometimes I just prefer to chew on the wrong end of my passy clip, Mom.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mommy's Project

Day 309: 11/5
I enjoy making stuff during Brant's nap time. This is my latest thing. I am making some for friends and family for the Holidays. I really really LIKE them! They are big too. Mine is 4 feet long. It's perfect for my big wall in my living room.

1st time Trick or Treater

Day 308: 11/4
Brant and Meyers having a good time playing together. Us parents thought seeing them play together from the back made Brant look so grown up. Awww so sweet!

Day 307: 11/3
Time for a Walker! B-man loves to get in it and GOOOOO! I think it is helping him get stronger and more confident!

Day 306: 11/2
I have been working on a Birthday Banner for a very special little boy to have at his 1st birthday and every birthday after that! I love the thought of starting traditions. I love how it turned out.

Day 305: 11/1
We can not let him out of our sight! He will shake and shake the gate because he wants to go upstairs all by himself. He is such a stinker! ;)
I see you!! Big Boy! ha ha He is keeping us on our toes.

Day 304: 10/31
Brant's 1st time trick or treating was a lot of FUN! Great Nickpop and Grandmom's house was his very first stop.
And the Scarbroughs were Mommy and Daddy's favorite stop! They know us too well! :)

Day 303: 10/30
Enjoying what's left of nice weather in 2011. Brant will stay on a blanket and not crawl onto the grass. Seriously. Goes to the edge of the blanket and stops. It's like he knows that's what his Mommy wants him to do. :)