Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Break Reunion!

Day 89 & 90
My friend, Abby B., the Midwest Farmer's Daughter (tribute to Beach Boys), came to visit this weekend. It was so good to see her, her mom, and her two boys. She is such a good Mamma and friend for all these years. I hate that they had to track through Arkansas to get here. lol Crazy GPS Lady. Kim had to have a talk with her under the hood.
We had to have a reunion on her Spring Break. Abby and I have been to Sarasota FL, Orange County CA, and the Bahamas all together for Spring Break blast from the past. We grew up being besties since we were just little girls causing trouble at BCC. We probably owe a lot of apologies for causing so much trouble! :) LOL We were even told once that if we went to church, we needed to act like it. . . . OH my my my!! Where has the time gone? ? Love you....Abbs!
P.S. I liked my newly threaded eye-brows so much I even talked Abby and her Mom into getting theirs done. It's like the new craze, instead of get threaded!! I highly recommend it!


Chelsa said...

glad you're having a fun "spring break"!

and thanks for the info on the brows. sonya and i went to evansville saturday and i saw it at the amll and said i wanted to get it done but it looked kind of painful!

beth said...

Okay...I need some info on this eyebrow thing.

So glad you got a visit from "home"! I am sure y'all had a blast!