Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 85

B's first shot at doing tummy time with the boppy. He liked it so much better than just the floor and was very good at pushing up and holding his head.
Last night was B's first lock-in. We were so excited, Andrew had over 75 Middle Schoolers and they all were great! :) So we all took the day very easy around here. It was so enjoyable. Relaxin' and watchin' lots and lots of basketball, Mr. Tart's Wings with the Hagens and Coach Kelly, Butler is going to the final four and WHS won IHSAA State.


Tara said...

Love the necklace, love the hair, love that the hatchets won state.....please tell me the 75 middleschoolers weren't all at your house!!?? If so, you are putting all new mothers to shame!

Chelsa said...

what a cool kid- getting to hang out w/ all those "big kids" :) and what a brave momma you are!

glad he liked tummy time better w/ the boppy- that's the ONLY way c would do it w/out screaming!