Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm one year older :)

Day 62: 3/3
Thanks Aunt Libby for the cool shirt. We can't wait to see you at the end of April. I can't believe it fits, it's a size 6 months.

Day 61: 3/2
Made plans today to go see my favorite band, Shane and Shane on May 1st at my brother, Tyson's church in Illinois. I can't wait!! :) Brant's first concert.

Day 60: 3/1
Andrew bought me Toms for by birthday! :) I can't wait to wear them.

Day 59: 2/28
Today, I went to visit school for the first time. It was so good to see everyone. I left B at home with Daddy, and Andrew swears he fell asleep with his hand on the remote! Too Too funny! :)

Brant had his 2 months shots today. I hated it, but he did really good. Only cried for a minute. His umbilical cord finally fell off today with Dr. Owens help. It took a long time. The Dr. said the record was 8 weeks and Brant was 6 weeks and 3 days. Geez.

Day 58: 2/27
We took a walk with GiGi and Papaw on such a beautiful day. My dad would ask Brant if he wanted to go fishing with Papaw and Brycen and he would smile SO BIG! It was adorable. BTW, this is Cousin Brycen's old hat. I love when he gets to wear the boys stuff! So precious.

Day 57: 2/26
It was time for Brant's first haircut. He was growing a true mullet. :)

Day 56: 2/25
Happy Birthday to me and my brother Logan! I had a wonderful day with my Hubby and Brant. He took me for sushi to make up for having my 6 week check-up on the same day with Dr. Mann. I can't believe it was 6 weeks ago today that our baby boy was born.
The Best Birthday Surprise from Andrew was the door bell ringing at 9:30pm and it being my PARENTS!! He knows how to make me happy! I was soooooo excited to see them when I opened the front door.
My two studs on my birthday...

Day 55: 2/24
I know I know that Back is Best, and you are awful to let your newborn sleep on their belly, but I just discovered that Brant loves it. I have only put him on his belly a couple times and it's been during the day when I can monitor him. But my mom always put me and my brothers on our backs. I wander if any other moms do it??


Beth said...

I wish I had some Tom's shoes! They are so cool. I am glad you had such a great b-day. Baby Brant looks like he is doing so well, and you are such a natural mother. Happy belated birthday, Tasha! XOXO

Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

B is getting SO big! Maybe we can finally meet him on your next trip in? :) PS. Toms are awesome!

beth said...

You didn't tell me he needed a haircut already!!! Crazy!! But yay for no mullet!!

Chelsa said...

LOVE the shoes!! can't believe already had to get a haircut! too funny!!