Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 81

My husband is a genius. I was getting ready to go out to "The Big Baby Store" and buy a white noise machine for B for around 50 bones and Andrew said to let him handle it. And he did. Last night he rigged up something good. Bought white noise for babies (waterfall) on itunes for 99 cents and put it on our ipod and then the dock and played it on repeat. ALL NIGHT LONG! And guess who also slept ALL NIGHT LONG? ? ? Yep, you guessed it Brant, His Momma and His Dadda! Nine pleasant waterfall filled hours. And we saved 49 bones.
SCORE....10 points for Andrew! Good thinkin' Babe.


beth said...

Girl...I should have told you about that! I have a whole cd of white noise. Remind me to burn you a copy...in case you need a little variety in your white noise:)

Chelsa said...

what a smart daddy! glad it worked!