Monday, April 4, 2011

More Visitors

Day 94: 4/4
Most of the time today I just sat around and got so excited! About what? My 11 week old grabbing at his bird. He started doing it last Monday night while my Mom was with us. Not batting uncontrollable swings anymore, but slow controlled grabs!! YEAH, Little Man! If you look real can see that in this picture he has a-hold of the bird's feet! It's so cute to watch him do it. He is growing and changing so quickly.

Day 93: 4/3
Before Grandma and Grandpa Raymond and Uncle Luke headed back to Indiana, we had to have lunch at none other than Firebirds.

Day 92: 4/2
Looking cute for our trip to Central BBQ, Nike Outlet (where Grandma & Grandpa Raymond bought me my first pair of Jordans and soccer ball), and a cookout to Ronnie & Saundra's to watch the Final Four. Go Butler!

Day 91: 4/1
Luke came to hang out with Brant for a few days on his 8th grade year of Spring Break. He is such a good uncle. He is good at taking in and out the car seat and putting on Brant's shoes. :)

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Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

Its amazing how quickly the grow :) When you coming in town?