Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Finishing up November

Day 323: 11/20
Brant is now drinking out of a new kind of straw sippy cup! He loves it. He always acts like he is soooo thirsty.

Day 322: 11/19
Here is another great photo taken by Aunt Libby! We love those blue eyes!!

Day 321: 11/18
Aunt Libby helped Mommy take my picture for my invitation to my 1st birthday! :) It was so cold so we had to do it REALLY FAST! Thankfully we got a good picture out of just a few shots.

Day 320: 11/17
Brant loves crawling the stairs at his Grandma & Grandpa Raymond's house because they are off limits at his house. Good thing Uncle Luke has his back!

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