Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How does a Horsie go??

Day 333: 11/30
Daddy was watching me while Mommy had to have work done at the dentist and guess what I found?? My new favorite toy. The toilet paper. Yikes!!

Day 332: 11/29
This boy loves I am talking loves toothbrushes. When he sees Andrew and I brush our teeth, he thinks he just has to have one too. He is so intrigued by it. I think it feels good on his gums too. So Brant has his very own toothbrush.

Day 331: 11/28
I love hanging out with my DADDY! He is sooo much fun! It feels good to be home again.

Day 330: 11/27
Just hanging out in Daddy's office waiting on him after church. This paint can made the perfect little seat. I could eat him in this outfit.

Day 329: 11/26
Brant learned how the horsie goes from Gigi. If you ask him he will click his tongue. It is adorable. It makes me so proud of him when he learns new things! So We had to take Brant to go visit The Burkhart's horses. I think he was overwhelmed by how big they were! He cried a little, but loved it when they would shake their head up and down. We told Brant they were saying "YES," which he can do now too.

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Chelsa said...

C has an obsession with toothbrushes too!