Thursday, December 15, 2011

1st Picture with Santa

Day 348: 12/15
My boys sleeping in together. They are tooooo adorable for words!!!

Day 347: 12/14
Happy 11 months, Baby Boy! You are so precious to us. We love you.

Day 346: 12/13
Brant's First picture with Santa. I was nervous about Brant being scared of Santa, but he did really good. Super calm because he didn't know what to think about the whole idea!! Of course, we had to go to Bass Pro to meet him. I think Andrew wants to keep with that tradition, because we shopped for over an hour afterwards. ha ha

Day 345: 12/12
Mommy and Daddy were able to get away for a little lunch date and Brant got to spend time with Cheryl and Abby all to himself. He loves puppy-dogs. He says "Ruff Ruff" over and over.

Day 344: 12/11
Youth Group Christmas Party night! They had a fun little photo booth set up! ;)

Day 343: 12/10
Night time Reading Session :) Brant is growing to like books more and more! He likes to turn the pages now. His face totally says "Come on Mom."

Day 342: 12/9
Another Christmas-y picture! Ohhh I can't get enough of him. He looks so big in this picture like he is already walking.

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Jessie said...

Seriously, he is the cutest little thing! And very well dressed I might add :) His argyle sweaters and vests are killing me! Hope to see you over break!