Wednesday, November 30, 2011

10 months old

Day 320: 11/16
Daddy had to go to Youth Specialties in Atlanta so Brant and I stayed in Indiana for a few days until Daddy came back. We missed him so much, so we sent him this fun picture of WILD hair after bath time. Daddy always does bath time with the BOY every night.
Day 319: 11/15
Look out... This Momma needs a Girls Night Out! I had a great time with some wonderful friends. Abby and Shaya were there too, but we didn't get the picture before they had to leave. Thanks Jessie for hosting.

Day 318: 11/14
My little guy is 10 MONTHS OLD!!

Day 317: 11/13
Tyson and Tiffani and the boys were in Indiana for a couple of days too. (I am terrible. We were so busy, I didn't get any pictures.) Tiffani gave Brant this hat. It is so cute and cozy. Love it on him!

Day 316: 11/12
Daddy scored a special white Turkey hunting in Tennessee awhile back and we are just now getting a picture with the two special hunters and the once in a lifetime turkey. :) They look so handsome in their camo.
The whole fam


Kelly said...

Oh my goodnesss...I love the camo picture of Brant!!! How cute is that! He looks so grown up in his 10 month picture!!!

Tara said...

love the new pictures.... but what's up with Ali's arm in this picture... what's he covering???? :) haha! Good seeing you!

Jessie said...

haha tara's comment is making me laugh all over again! what a fun night and what a cute boy you have!!:)