Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's December

Day 339: 12/6
Middle School student leaders Christmas Party. They had a silly hat gift exchange. Brant does not look impressed by these crazy kids!! ha ha

Day 338: 12/5
Brant loves for us to "Get him." He always wants us to chase him around the corner. If we aren't following him, he will back up and holler at us to get our attention. So much fun!!

Day 337: 12/4
Soaring with Daddy! Their new little game.

Day 336: 12/3
Evening with friends. The kiddos really enjoyed playing together, which is always nice. :)

Day 335: 12/2
Christmas Tree is up and we enjoy it so much. And after B has been told several times NO NO, he does a pretty good job of leaving it alone.

1 comment:

Chelsa said...

Corbin loves to be "got" too!

Your tree is beautiful! I love your Christmas Card picture!