Saturday, October 29, 2011

Smoky Mountains

Day 302: 10/29
Brant got busted playing with all of my markers. Check out that face! lol

Day 301: 10/28
Brant was sporting the RED today for the St. Louis Cardinals! They won the 11th World Series tonight. Go Cards!

Day 300: 10/27
Like FATHER Like Son.
My boys are so much fun! Never a dull moment.
The Seniors ALWAYS like to stop at the Russell Stover Chocolate Outlet. My boys were into the samples. Andrew was eating them and B was happy with licking the cups.

Day 299: 10/26
Brant's first time on top of a Mountain. Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
Our Sweet Little Pumpkin

Day 298: 10/25
Brant learned how to do SOOOO BIIIGGG while we were driving around East Tennessee. He looks so serious about his new trick.

Day 297: 10/24
Brant's 1st ride of MANY in the New Hope Bus. Thankfully, he traveled really really well again. We were on our way to Pigeon Forge with the Senior Adults to the Celebrators Conference.

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Kelly said...

Are you still at the Arlington address, or is your new address the Bartlett, TN one? I have two different ones for you and I'm not sure which is more current!!
Good to see you a couple weekends ago!