Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Car Seat :)

Day 273: 9/30
I love this Lion Hat on my little man. I couldn't stop giggling over how cute he was in it.

Day 272: 9/29
Brant trying on a winter coat hand-me-down. Don't think this one will work for this year. Maybe the next. :) ha ha It was a funny sight seeing him try to roll over in it.

Day 271: 9/28
This morning Brant stayed with my Mother-in-law while I went with Andrew to a Middle School for the See you at the Pole event. I always used to go to them when I was in school and this was my first one since I graduated high school. Such an awesome awesome God thing thay is still in our public schools today. I hope it's still around when Brant is in High School. Then later that night we went to the BPAC for hopefully what was the first annual SYATP evening event with a bunch of area churches. I couldn't locate the pictures I took of the kids. :(

Day 270: 9/27
Brant can now climb up on our sofa table and He Loves every minute of it. He thinks it's a game. It's so cute the way he climbs up on it and perches.

Day 269: 9/26
Brant has moved up to a bigger carseat. My Ride 65 is the name of it because he can use it until he is 65 pounds. It is rear-facing for now, but we can turn it around to forward facing when we are ready. My baby boy is growing up way too fast. No more "infant" carseat. :(

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