Friday, October 28, 2011

Our Little Monkey :) he he he

Day 296: 10/23
Brant's 1st Fallapoolooza Party at church.So proud of Baby Boy for winning his very 1st costume contest. He had NO IDEA how cute he was!!
Brant's little buddy Luke was a werewolf!

Day 295: 10/22
Brant's Trick or Treat Basket that I threw together! Happy with how it turned out! Hope to use this for many years to come.

Day 294: 10/21
Helping Momma with the dishes. :)

Day 293: 10/20
Bed Head! Just like his Momma. Too bad you can't see my case of bed head in this picture.

Day 292: 10/19
Happy Birthday to my Mr. Wonderful. 27 years looks good on you Babe!
Uncle Greg came over to wish Andrew a happy birthday.

Day 291: 10/18
Brant got to hang out with Miss Jennifer and Drew today while Mommy and Daddy had an early birthday lunch date. :) He likes to really watch Drew and what he is doing. ha ha

Day 290: 10/17
Brant's 9 month check up. Reading a little while we wait on Dr. O.

Day 289: 10/16
Dad's Little Birthday Party with the guys! We had pizza, chips, drinks, and warm apples and ice cream!

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Chelsa said...

lovin' all the pics of Brant! he is sooo cute (as always). :)