Sunday, November 27, 2011

1st time Trick or Treater

Day 308: 11/4
Brant and Meyers having a good time playing together. Us parents thought seeing them play together from the back made Brant look so grown up. Awww so sweet!

Day 307: 11/3
Time for a Walker! B-man loves to get in it and GOOOOO! I think it is helping him get stronger and more confident!

Day 306: 11/2
I have been working on a Birthday Banner for a very special little boy to have at his 1st birthday and every birthday after that! I love the thought of starting traditions. I love how it turned out.

Day 305: 11/1
We can not let him out of our sight! He will shake and shake the gate because he wants to go upstairs all by himself. He is such a stinker! ;)
I see you!! Big Boy! ha ha He is keeping us on our toes.

Day 304: 10/31
Brant's 1st time trick or treating was a lot of FUN! Great Nickpop and Grandmom's house was his very first stop.
And the Scarbroughs were Mommy and Daddy's favorite stop! They know us too well! :)

Day 303: 10/30
Enjoying what's left of nice weather in 2011. Brant will stay on a blanket and not crawl onto the grass. Seriously. Goes to the edge of the blanket and stops. It's like he knows that's what his Mommy wants him to do. :)

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Yay! You're back!