Monday, April 11, 2011

Nash-Vegas to Hot-Lanta!

My Baby is a Traveler ... and a very good one, I must say!
6 hours to and from Nashville in 2 days
16 hours to and from Atlanta in 3 days
What was I thinking taking a 2 month old??
He did better than me. He never complained.

We got to experience the Famous Monell's as soon as we got to Nashville. Oh MY WORD! This place is Yummmmm-diggity! Andrew and I already want to go back. Next time we are even close to Nashville we will be swinging by for the best corn pudding, green beans, macaroni and cheese, etc. and it's all served up Family Style. I was hesitant to give this place a try, but one of our senior adults read about it in a SouthernLiving magazine. Their motto was "Help, I've eaten and I can't get up."
Day 96: 4/6

Brant and I went along for the ride with Andrew to take some Senior Adults to the Lifeway Gospel Conference in Nashville. The Peasall Sisters were my Favorite. They sang "In the Highways" on the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack. Brant loved the music. The only time he talked or fussed was when they stopped to pray. ha ha ha Look out for this PK (preacher's kid).
Day 97: 4/7

On Friday we drove for 8 hours to ATL with 68 Middle Schoolers and sponsors. It was a long day so B and I camped out in the hotel room while everybody else went to the Believe Conference. I thought I deserved room service.
So I did.I was so proud of him. He was so happy to stretch out and lay on the hotel bed.
Day 98: 4/8

Day 99: 4/9

100 Days in 2011!
I can't believe I've actually kept up with this. Motivation...scrapbooking Brant's first year of Life!
This picture screams.......MOMMA!!!!! PLEASE GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!
Day 100: 4/10

~Home Sweet Home~
I have been trying something new. Instead of Rocking B to sleep all the way every night, I lay him down and cover his face with either a blanky or his Puppy Dog. It soothes him the rest of his way to sleepy town! :) Last night it worked again and he slept 9 hours. I love my boy.
Day 101: 4/11

I asked God to help him be a good traveler before he was even born, because Andrew and I do A LOT OF IT!
I love my little traveler. Next on the list......Montgomery, Indiana.


Chelsa said...

Yay for a good traveler!
glad ya'll had a good time!

beth said...

That's awesome! I'm glad he did well!!! And he is looking so chunky!! I love it:)