Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One happy AUNT!

On Saturday afternoon we were all sitting around eating lunch at my parents. I was in the kitchen making something and I turned to ask my nephews Brycen and Kayden what they thought about the Community Easter Program the Promise. They had just went not too long ago and I never got the chance to talk to them about it. They said it was good and we talked about their favorite parts. (My cousin Cody plays the part of Jesus in it and does a wonderful job.) and then there was a LONG pause....... and Brycen said...... I am getting baptized on Sunday. I think I choked a little bit and my eyes had to be the size of apples! I said this SUNDAY??? And he said YES, I wanted to keep it a surprise!!!! Well he surprised me alright! I ran to him and hugged and kissed him and told him how happy I was!!!! So he made JESUS his Lord and Savior on Sunday morning and I was so thankful it worked out for me to be there. I am so proud of him. It made me so happy! I can't imagine how I'll be when my OWN son tells me he wants Jesus to live in his heart. Chalk another life up for Jesus! My boy Brycen got saved! :)
Day 107: 4/17

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Chelsa said...

How exciting! So proud of Brycen (G!) :)