Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our Life through Photos

Day 255: 9/12
There is something about hangers that Brant just loves. He will pick them over his toys any day. Maybe I should just save myself some money and get him a 10 pack for Christmas. ha ha

Day 254: 9/11
Today was the 10th anniversary of September 11th when our country stood still. Our Middle Schoolers baked cookies and delivered them to area firestations to say Thank-you for rushing in to help while everyone else rushes out.

Day 253: 9/10
We went to the Germantown Festival with the Davis Family. It was such a beautiful day to walk around to all the different booths. This was the only picture I got. We were taking the shuttle to the festival.

Day 252: 9/9
Brant's first time to mow with daddy. He loved how loud the mower was.
He is such a happy boy when he is with his daddy! Poor kid doesn't stand a chance though. I am sure Andrew will have Mowing Class 101 for Brant. Andrew is so particular about his yard work. He has been taking his yards seriously since he was a young teenager and had his own lawn business! :) And I hope Brant grows up to be the exact same way! A hard working man just like his Dad!

Day 251: 9/8
I love decorating for fall. I was taking a picture of my favorite fall wreath and someone else wanted to be in the picture! :)

Day 250: 9/7
I made a special snack to take to the Meier's house for a Big Brother party. Smore Brownie. Oh my goodness...

Day 249: 9/6
Back home. I found Brant playing with his toys like this. Dumped the basket over onto himself. Silly boy.

Day 248: 9/5
We went to the Saint Louis zoo on Monday. It was a gorgeous day.
Brant just cracks up at Kayden. It is so sweet!

Day 247: 9/4
Labor Day Road trip to Saint Louis to see family. It was too short, I wish we could have been together longer.

Day 246: 9/3
I love yardsaling. I get that from my Granny. I found this at a garage sale and cleaned it up. They have some just like it at pottery barn, but I got mine for a much better price. Cha-ching!

Day 245: 9/2
Mommy got to have a girls night out tonight with Beth and Jenny while the kids hung out with their Daddies. We went to see The Help. It was so good. It's a movie I think everyone needs to see.

Day 244: 9/1
We are playing with a soccer ball because Brant wants to be like his Uncle Luke. we wish we could be watching him play this season. Luke has gotten to dress for Varsity a couple of times already. We are so proud of him.

Day 243: 8/31
My boys dreaming that Peyton will get to play this year for our COLTS!

Day 242: 8/30
Andrew was the master griller tonight! He made me the best steak! I wish Brant could have tasted his daddy's masterpiece. yummm. Andrew said he learns grilling tricks from Rob Ratliff.

Day 241: 8/29
Doing some yard work with daddy on his day off.

Day 240: 8/28
I wasn't the only "bed head" that woke up this morning in the Raymond household. I hope he is not doomed with my hair.

Day 239: 8/27
Tonight we went to a cook-out with the young married class at church. It was lots of fun. For the first time I tried Dump Cake. Wow. Why hasn't someone told me about this before? Thanks to the Butlers I have the recipe now. So easy.

Day 238: 8/26
Moes with our Favorite Moes peeps! The Easons. It's so cute Meyers will holler back MOE'S when they say "Welcome to Moe's."

Day 237: 8/25
Shane & Shane at Ellendale Baptist. I am so there. It was such a great show because We were the 1st ones to hear their new album "the one you need." Andrew and I had such a nice time together. Brant stayed at home with Great Aunt Saunie and Great Grandmom.


beth said...

So glad to see some pics! I've been meaning to tell you to update:)

Chelsa said...

yay for an update!

corbin also loves hangers! too funny!

what is dump cake? it looked yummy!

brant is getting soooo big- such a cutie!

Beth said...

doomed with your hair!? i have always envied your gorgeous curls! brant could only be so lucky :-)
take care and thanks for the update!