Thursday, September 29, 2011

My busy boy!

Day 259: 9/16
I could hear Brant, but I couldn't find him. Peek a boo. He found a new hiding spot. The drapes.

Day 258: 9/15
Carrots on Brant's face, nose, hair, and even eyelashes!! Thankfully we were at home. He has started doing the motorboat with his lips when he is eating. Needless to say, he has too much fun!

Day 257: 9/14
My sweet boy is 8 months old! He is probably hollering at me in this picture. The boy is so vocal! I say he gets that from his Daddy.

Day 256: 9/13
Brant is into EVERYTHING! I heard a loud boom and this is what I found. He has always reached for this thing but this time he actually GOT IT!


Chelsa said...

he's adorable!!
can't believe he is 8 months!

bev yoder said...

Thanks for posting all these pictures. I love to see how Brant is growing and learning new things.