Sunday, August 21, 2011

On the Road again

Day 232: 8/20
We got to see the New Mr. and Mrs. Chase Helms.

Day 231: 8/19
We swung by Purdue Campus to see Aunt Rach and Uncle Zach's new place on our way to Washington, Indiana for the Graber Family Reunion at Camp Illiana.
Brant was so exhausted from all the driving that he dozed off in Aunt Libby's arms while she was visiting with the Grabers. So sweet.
Andrew took my place helping stir the dough for homemade cinnamon rolls.

Day 230: 8/18
Visit to see Uncle Tyson, Aunt Tiff, Dawson, Dieken, Declan, and Drake.
We had a wonderful visit in such a short time.

Day 229: 8/17
Andrew wanted to show us his Great Great Grandpa's old barn and what was left of it. We got some cool pictures.

One of the main reasons we went to Iowa at this date was so we could get the 5 generation picture. Very Very Special.
Great Great Grandma Mary
Great Grandma Peggy
Grandpa Ron
There is also a professional 5 generation picture that they had taken at a studio.

Day 228: 8/16
Brant met his Great Grandma Peggy and Great Grandpa Bill.

Day 227: 8/15
We traveled to 4 states in 5 days.
First stop was stopping half way at St. Louis, Missouri. (Didn't get a picture.)
Next destination was Perry, Iowa for Brant to meet his Great Great Grandma Mary.


Beth said...

we are so glad we got to see you guys. i can't believe all your traveling though - i hope you get to take a long nap today :-)

Chelsa said...

5 states in 4 days or was it 4 states in 5 days? i can't remember, but either way is crazy! hope ya'll got rested up!