Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jankowski Family visits Memphis

Day 217: 8/5
Happy Birthday Great Grandmom

Day 216: 8/4
Sweet Sweet Chubby Legs that Mommy LOVES and can't get enough of!

Day 215: 8/3
Rob, Sarah, Caleb, and Abbey came to visit us this week. We had fun hanging out with sweet close friends. This was our trip to Bass Pro.

Day 214: 8/2
Nursery Pictures. I don't think I've ever posted the entire room. Shame on me.

Day 213: 8/1
You aren't crawling yet, but you can ROLL and ROLL and ROLL to the things you WANT!
Your favorite thing at the moment is the remote control.

Day 212: 7/31
Books Mommy and Daddy are currently reading to become better Christ-followers.


Chelsa said...

his room is very cute (just like him!). :)

love those chubby legs! corbin had very chubby legs like that, but now that he's running everywhere they are gone :( enjoy them on brant!!

Beth said...

thanks for sharing pics of brant's adorable bedroom! i didn't remember to post ours until t was over 5 months. i am sure you are busy with your beautiful boy :-)
have a great day, tasha!

p.s pete and i are very curious to see how you like "created to be his help meet" because of the wildly mixed reviews on amazon. i had to sneak a peek at them.
p.p.s do you guys think you'll be able to make it to the reunion?