Sunday, August 21, 2011

On the MOVE!

Day 226: 8/14
7 months old today!

Day 225: 8/13
I left a to-do list for Andrew while I went to a Mom2Mom event at church this morning.
This is the note I found when I got home.
So sweet my boys.

Day 224: 8/12
Playing with toys in his hichair while Mommy makes dinner.

Day 223: 8/11
Andrew and I started our Dating Life.... 10 years ago today.
Wish I could find a picture from 10 years ago. This one is from 5 years ago.

Day 222: 8/10
B likes crawling right up to our only puppy dog.
It's so cute.
I think his daddy needs to get him a real one.

Day 221: 8/9
Brant has a bad habit of scratching himself. Still. Poor guy.
He is supposed to get professional pictures this week, too.

Day 220: 8/8
Why does he find every chord in the house??
Time to do a better job of child-proofing.

Day 219: 8/7
It's official. Brant is on the move!
He started the army crawl last night at 6 months and 23 days!
Andrew and I got him to finally crawl by using our cell phones as bait. Ha!

Day 218: 8/6
We had another photo shoot this evening with Andrew's help.
6 month old in a basket is a MUST. :)

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Chelsa said...

on the move- way to go brant!