Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Up North

I was soooo happy that I was able to do Miss Lanie's hair for her dance pictures. Ohhhh she is just so lovely, I can hardly stand it.
Her hair was easy, because it's so curly. I can do curly! :)
Day 125: 5/6

I had to eat at one of my favs while I was up North because we don't have it down in the South. Noodles & Company. Mmmmm. I had a dish that had lots and lots of pasta, cheese, and mushrooms. Enough said.
Day 124: 5/4

B and I spent most of our time hanging out with Aunt Libby and Cousin Lanie during our visit. Almost every single day. Just because we love them so stinkin' much and want to soak them up as much as we can.
Day 123: 5/3


Libby graber said...

and we love you too! now get back home!

Chelsa said...

Glad you got some quality time up here!! :)

And I even got to see you- what a treat!