Monday, May 30, 2011

1st day at Hilton Head Island

Brant has it made. :)
He is only 4 and half months old and he already had a vacation! ha! This was all of our first time to Hilton Head Island. We loved it. Very unique because of its low profile personality. Its reputation is very secluded and natural. It's so hard to even locate restaurants and stores, because it's purposely developed to highlight the natural environment of the island. I was freaking out because I couldn't find Wal-Mart. It was hiding behind tons of mossy trees.

This is Brant's new thing. Grabbing Mommy's hair anytime it is in his reach!! And it hurts!!
Catching up with the latest Redbook news!! (It's always something about the Kardashians.)
Daddy trying to get Brant to sleep in the shade.
HH is the most popular resort destination in the U.S. and we were blessed when the Valner Family asked us to come along. We hope to get back some day.
Day 143: 5/23

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