Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 54: 2/23
Our good friends "The Easons" came over last night and brought us the "yummy in my tummy" Lenny's. It hit the spot! It's funny because that's what we took them when their little girl was born. Myers was so sweet with Brant. She would say "Baby" and "Br--t" and love on him so gently. It was so precious. (I had trouble editing the picture, I wish it would have turned out better. ) I secretly wish for a super stellar fancy camera. :) :)

Day 53: 2/22
I have went from being a reality TV show junkie to nothing but sitcoms! I have one that I gotta gotta watch almost every night. Parenthood is my Tuesday night show and it is so good. I love the dynamics of a FAMILY and this one demonstrates it perfectly. All aspects. I am hooked. Good thing at this stage of my life I do a lot of sitting. :) Thanks to Mr. B!


Kelly said...

I love parenthood too!!! I especially like the boy with autism on the show. I guess b/c i work with these kiddos almost everyday, I enjoy seeing how they portray autism on the show:)

beth said...

I still want to tear up thinking about Meyers loving on Brant! It was sooooooo sweet! She loves him, and we do, too! We had fun hanging out with y'all, and I had fun with you at lunch today!

Chelsa said...

I have never heard of that show?! I'll have to check it out!