Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I love my little Monkey Bottom!! he he he This little outfit just makes me smile! :)

I have been wanting a "Brant" charm and there are so many kinds out there to choose from. But I think I am going with this style. What do you think?
We went to Moe's for lunch (go figure!) and Daddy had to go to Bass Pro. So Brant was practicing for his first road trip in 4 more days. 6 hours to Indiana! :)

Sneak Peak at Brant's nursery. I still need to hang up the letters in his name. Thanks to my good friend, Jenny. More to come later.


Tara said...

4days and you're home! That means this weekend! Do you have time for a short get-together. It's ok if not. I don't want you to be pulled too many different ways. If you do. I will organize an hour or so at my house.

Chelsa said...

c had a monkey butt outfit too :) it was a favorite!

love that necklace. i have something like that w/ A,B,C :)