Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 51: 2/20
Brant's first time to church! He was dressed like a true stud muffin! :)

Day 50: 2/19
Today Brant and Cooper got to hang out. It was a lot of fun to compare the boys! Cooper is 16 weeks old. His mommy and I work together and had fun being preggers at the same time! :)

We also took Brant to his first movie at the theater! (thanks to Courtney and Chelsa's advice) He was a champ, slept the whole time. Andrew and I really enjoyed it. It was an awesome movie. Going down as one of my all time favorites for sure!

Day 49: 2/18
This is one of Andrew's turkeys that Josh Lengacher mounted for him. Josh entered it into a contest in Nashville this weekend and Andrew just had to make a trip to see it. Josh got a "Best of Category" for it!


Ari said...

Ari suggested the movie, too! :-)

Chelsa said...

oh my goodness that's what we went and saw last weekend!! i told ryan it was my new fave!! hilarious! :)

and brant is a true stud for sure!