Monday, January 16, 2012

Memorable Monday Moment

Today was an eventful day for Mr. B.

He started the morning off with three shots and one finger prick at the Doctor for his one year appointment.

The Doctor checked his gums and confirmed why we had a week full of crying. Literally. Doc was suprised to see how bad they were and asked if he could help the tooth pop through. We said absolutely because in our opinion it couldn't get any worse. So he took the tongue depressor and we held Brant down and he pushed on B's gums to get it to pop through. Poor little guy screamed his head off. Amazingly, it worked though and we could see the white tooth. And Brant has gotten relief!! Hallelujah!!

Next Brant and I went driving down Germantown Road scanning for a place to get a walk-in haircut. We found a place and Brant enjoyed his first sucker while he got his first "professional" haircut. I have cut it a few times, but this time it needed cleaned up by a trained professional. ha. He looks like such a big boy now. :(

Then swang by Target to get baby Ibuprofen and Chicfila for lunch with Andrew and the kiddos.

Brant took a 3 and a half hour nap because he was exhausted from the morning festivities.

Around 5:30 we were headed out the door to meet Andrew and some boys for dinner and Brant did a face plant into the baby gate. I will leave out the details but let's just say it's the first time blood has been involved in one of Brant's accidents. I was totally freaked out and the calm parent wasn't home. Thankfully just a busted inside lip and bruised gum right where the new tooth is. Whew!!

At dinner he had me cracking up because he licked his yogurt tub clean. Guess he wanted to make sure he got it all! It was even in his eyelashes!

Finally, the day was ending with his bath routine. I was getting the water temperature ready and he was laying right beside me, because I had just stripped him down. I started to feel something warm on my leg. My son was peeing on me AND....LAUGHING about it! I couldn't believe he was laughing. He is such a boy.

We definitely have a Jokester on our hands.

After two days of having a ONE year old in the house I have a feeling that we are in for a WILD RIDE!!

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