Friday, January 6, 2012

Brant's First Christmas

Day 361: 12/28
Christmas with the Grabers

Day 360: 12/27
Creation Museum

Day 359: 12/26
Cincinnati Trip with the Grabers
Creation Museum Christmas Lights
It was so cold. We had Brant bundled up as snug as a bug!!

Day 358: 12/25
Brant's First Christmas at Gigi and Papaw's
We woke up and sang Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus, opened presents, went to New Hope to church and spent the majority of the day at Logan and Libby's.

Day 357: 12/24
Christmas Eve with the Cummings
They are big big buds!
All of the newest cousins in one picture. Missing Noah and Adrian Cummings, and Eden McPherson. They were there, just not in the picture. Lilly, Brant, Ezney, and Owen.
He got an Elmo book with a cd from Owen and Eden. He was super excited about it.

Day 356: 12/23
Balancing a Cheerio on his ear. I think he was saving it for later. ha ha

Day 355: 12/22
Christmas with the Raymonds

Day 354: 12/21
Dinner with Friends in Bloomington. Shannon and Jordan loved getting to meet Brant! It was so good to see them and catch up. We miss them so much!

Day 353: 12/20
Picture of Brant in front of our Christmas tree.


Jessie said...

your christmas pics are SO good. i heard the creation museum was pretty neat! brant just gets cuter and cuter!

beth said...

Oh my goodness! He looks more like a big boy every time I see him! Can't believe he is about to be one!!!!